Where on God’s Green Earth do ya start? Essentially, from birth Brother Mac has passionately loved both Jesus and good music!! And although life’s journey has provided an arsenal of adventure, a pure heart ultimately prevailed!  Praise God!

Brother Mac was raised in the church and even had God’s Word read to him while in his mother’s belly. And likewise from birth, he enjoyed those warm musical tones from vinyl all the way to CD and beyond!

He began a passionate study of voice and acoustic guitar while finishing up his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia Southern University (1995).  And by 2000, he co-founded his first working rock & roll cover band with ‘Handsome’ Roy Glenn Key on lead guitar (GloryHounds).

But God began calling Brother Mac in 2007, as he quit his working band and joined a local church. However, some corporate bookings proved too tempting, so until 2010 he quickly formed both MacAcoustic and MacBand.  The former for solo and duo acts and the later as a booking agency for brother bands in which he could continue performing (and making money).

But by Spring 2012, God had Brother Mac exactly where He wanted; as he fell to his knees and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive his sins and save his soul!  At that very moment in time, Brother Mac received the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit as his name was written forevermore in the Lamb’s Book of Life (Born Again)!

He diligently pursued godly wisdom and knowledge earning a Biblical Studies Certificate (2015), Bachelor of Divinity (2017) and a Master of Divinity (2020?) complete with thesis paper, which will soon be in book form (Parable of the Sower).

He also taught several Sunday school classes and directed an addictions ministry during this time. He would take in homeless men that came to the Seminary seeking food and shelter; and even welcomed an entire family with two small children, whose house had burned down, into his house for nine months, giving up his own bed!

In late 2014, just as he was learning some gospel and otherwise Christian songs God began giving him his own lyrics, chords and melodies (Spiritual Songs).  Brother Mac has written well over 100 songs and counting that are registered with both the copyright office and BMI.

And like his secular career, Brother Mac’s song ministry has already proven to be specially anointed from solos with various church choirs to acoustic performances.  His impassioned command of Holy Scripture combined with his pronounced conversion experience allows each song to penetrate deep down into the soul!

His songs are written in nearly all the key signatures including several minor keys with an equally broad range of musical genres including pop, folk, blues, country and rock!

Brother Mac strongly believes that he's been uniquely chosen by God to bring this special music to the body of Christ and beyond at this time! And as an ordained teacher/preacher of the gospel in addition to his ministry of music, he invites you to partner with him to help evangelize the modern church.

The Lord has used relevant music ever since biblical times as an extremely effective means to communicate His gospel message! Consider the songs of Zion from King David’s guitar (Psalms).  And also the beloved tavern songs of the day borrowed by the musically inclined Protestant Reformers like Luther and Wesley (Hymns).  And just three hundred years ago with the invention of the piano, the church once again stole the classical pagan music to edify the church.

As a Christian Biblicist, Brother Mac simply and passionately believes in the authority of Scripture...


Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another

in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs,

singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.