From the recording GOD'S GREEN EARTH

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When I was young the world was all mine
The sites, the sounds, the tastes, the smells
were all so fineā€¦
Everything was fresh, bright, shiny & new
What was a boy to do?
Then as I grew to be a man
It took a while for me to understand
How all that glitters in this world is not gold
& to see beyond all the lies I was told
& The Lord let me see
how my soul could be free
He gave me Faith to Believe
Now I am His forevermore
Oh, just what will eternity have in store?
Everything so fresh, bright, shiny & new
What will we ever do?
I am no more a natural man
& This fallen world simply can not understand
Born from above the moment I believed
but this free-gift from God must be received
He gave me Faith to Believe