1. Peace of God

From the recording GOD'S GREEN EARTH

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Rejoice in the Lord
& Again I say, REJOICE
It makes no difference what state I’m in
Christ strengthens me…
I may be hungry or I may be full
but I have learned that the
Peace of God must rule in my heart
Joy in the Lord & happy in the world
are not the same…
We may be abased or we may abound
We have all we need…
He knows our needs & He hears our cries
Blessed be His Name & the
Peace of God must rule in our hearts
Be careful for nothing
but with a thankful heart
make your requests known…
& Finally brother whatsoever things are true
won’t you think on these…
Cause it wont’ be long so we must endure
’til we’re safely home & the
Peace of God will rule in our hearts